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New Beginnings

Unique Spa rituals for expectant or new mothers have been created for their nourishing and soothing qualities, perfect for this very special moment in time. Please note that certain treatments or techniques may not be suitable during the first trimester.

Aquatic Pre Natal Therapy – 1 hour $165*
During this water massage, your body will feel supported, at ease and weightless as your buoyancy in the water relieves the extra pressure that you feel with baby inside.

Total Indulgence Pre and Post Natal Treatment – 2 hours $300*provided in a double spa villa
A deeply nourishing body treatment designed to target areas prone to stress and tension during pregnancy.
Includes body exfoliation, body massage, warm mask and scalp massage.

Intensive Pre-Natal Facial – 1 hour 30 minutes $235*
Totally focused on naturally improving the condition of the skin and enhancing its appearance at this hormonal time of life.

Maternity Massage (4-9 months) – 1 hour 20 minutes $225* | 1 hour $165*
This nurturing massage has been carefully designed for pregnant and nursing mothers to alleviate backaches, shoulder and neck tension caused by shifts in posture.

Conscious Pregnancy Breathwork – 45 minutes
Learn breathing exercises to aid in peaceful adjustment to pregnancy and new motherhood.
Recommended to be combined with a treatment.

* Prices are listed in US Dollars and are subject to an 18% service charge and 16% mandatory tax.

provided in a double spa villa These experiences are provided in a double spa villa which includes a private changing area, whirlpool tub, rain shower and an outdoor daybed to enjoy your very own private garden with fresh fruit and tea.
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