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Resort Fitness & Sport Trainers, Healing, and Dance Teachers

Our talented Fitness trainers, healing instructors and dance teachers, are highly experienced and specialized in a variety of areas and are available to help you achieve your personal goals.

Carlos Jaramillo
Fitness Manager & Exercise Physiologist
Carlos Jaramillo commutes between Los Cabos and Los Angeles where his client base includes Hollywood celebrities, Olympic and professional athletes, and people in the private sector. With over 25 years of experience as a fitness professional, the cornerstone to Carlos' fitness theory is functional training for everyday life. He has continued to stay in the forefront of the fitness world by utilizing training techniques such as video analysis of clients and their exercise programs. His approach to fitness can be summed up very simply; "Life is not one dimensional and your workouts need to reflect that. Train as if your life depends on it, because it does."

Francisco Villegas
Personal Trainer
Francisco Villegas is a personal trainer with a functional approach to fitness. He is certified in TRX Suspension Training. His application to fitness includes cross training, weight reduction and other personal programs to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Patty Vidal
Fitness Trainer & Salsa Instructor
Patty specializes in Functional Training, TRX ("Suspension Training" & "Rip Training"), Weight Training, Spinning, Mat Pilates, Kids Pilates, Zumba, Aqua Zumba and other rhythmic group exercise and is a Tango/Salsa dancer.

She is multi fitness certified in Uruguay, Argentina, México and USA with 16 years of international experience in the wellness world.

Jennifer Caplan
Personal Trainer
Jennifer Caplan is an International Personal Trainer and Corrective Exercise Specialist certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. From beginner to athlete, training programs must consider each person and their environment while addressing any potential muscle imbalances and movement deficiencies. By introducing an integrated approach to program design, one can decrease their risk of injury and bring overall balance to the body.

Isabelle Gagnon
Lifestyle & Nutrition Coach
Isabelle Gagnon is our health coach specialist. Ranging from individual to whole family consultations, Isabelle provides a health program analysis creating a clear path toward healthy lifestyle changes.

Isabel Acuña
Yoga Instructor
Born in Mexico City, Isabel has been living and teaching Yoga for over 20 years. She was trained in Mexico, Thailand and USA in different styles and techniques includes Hatha, Iyengar, Vinyasa and Ashtanga. Her passion is to share this gift with others. Her private and group classes are designed according to the need, level and general condition.

Gaby Delgadillo
Yoga Instructor
Gaby Delgadillo has been practicing yoga for 10 years as a part of her daily life, she has studied and been certified by teachers of different places and traditions. During the last 9 years she has taught Inner Flow Yoga, a practice based on observing the body to develop the full potential, healing physically and emotionally.

Adriana Mondragon
Yoga Instructor
At Adriana's class you will get to practice Yoga, Breathing and, if required, an introduction to Meditation. Her unique way in teaching offers those who want to improve or start their Yoga practice. She will guide you to feel more present, connected and flexible into self and life. Next to teaching Yoga, leading sweat lodges, Adriana is also a Transformational Breathing Work instructor.

Gaby de la Rosa
Yoga Instructor
Gaby de la Rosa shares with the community her passion for yoga. She started and has been practicing Anusara Yoga and Vinyasa Flow for more than a decade.

Gaby fused her traditional Hatha practice with Naam Yoga and Shakti Naam Yoga to create the most effective techniques for physical healing, emotional balance and mental acuity. She believes that deep, permanent change can only come from inside.

Brenda Santacruz
Pilates Instructor
Brenda is a fitness instructor that specializes in Pilates mat and Reformer of Ron Fletcher’s method. She also specializes in exercises such as burn at the barre, spinning, latin rythms and others. She has 10 years of experience in the wellness world.

Karla García
Kundalini Yoga
Shivantar Kaur /Karla García has been practicing and teaching Kundalini Yoga for the past 8 years. Kundalini Yoga consists of yogic techniques and meditations that can be enjoyed by everyone, regardless of age or physical ability. It uses a wide range of rhythmic, sequential exercises incorporating breath and sound, increasing the blood flow and oxygen capacity.

Andres Byron
Salsa Intructor
Andres Byron has been dancing all his life. Next to his regular fire and other dance performances, it is his passion to teach Salsa and Capoeira. Whether you are an experienced dancer or have never stepped out on a dance floor, with or without partner, Andres will lead you to a joyful experience.

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