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One&Only Palmilla promises guests perfect nights' sleep

Famed resort launches a Holistic Sleep Therapy Programme to help guests learn
the art of sleep

(Los Cabos, Mexico) – Known for its tranquil environment and relaxing setting One&Only Palmilla has introduced a "Wellness Sleep Therapy Programme," a series of spa services and wellness sessions aimed at helping guests achieve the perfect night's sleep through a series of holistic approaches and lifestyle changes.

"With today's fast-paced lifestyle, our guests are searching for techniques to reach a state of complete relaxation during their stay at One&Only Palmilla," says Edward Steiner, Managing Director of One&Only Palmilla. "This series of wellness sessions and spa experiences will help guests improve their sleep patterns and teach them skills that can be incorporated into their everyday lives."

"Sleep Wellness Sessions," designed to help guests reshape their lifestyle and attain better night's rest include:

Transformation Breath Work – A form of breath work that aids falling asleep and helps improve day time fatigue often associated with lack of sleep. This form of breath work not only has a positive effect on the body, but also a number of benefits on the mental-emotional well-being.
Sleep Deeper Nutrition – Learn how food choices affect sleep and nutritional tips on how to select foods that aid in sleep

Guided Visualization - A private session offering guests guided imagery to help with difficulty sleeping
Additionally, ESPA has designed a series of spa treatments that also aim to send guests off into the perfect sleep. The signature "Sleep Spa Experiences" menu is comprised of:
Deep Sleep Watsu Massage (90 minutes) – Improves sleep patterns by inducing a deep state of relaxation, decreases muscle tension and makes dramatic changes to the autonomic nervous system. An underwater massage is followed by a deeply relaxing back, neck and head massage using aromatherapy oils clinically blended to aid sleep.

Brain Synch Massage (90minutes) – a synchronized massage performed by two therapists at the same time in perfect unison. A deeply therapeutic massage that allows the mind to disconnect as it cannot focus and analyze the movements performed by two therapists.

Mexican Obsidian Deep Sleep Treatment (90 minutes) – A deeply relaxing head, neck and shoulder massage using warmed aromatherapy oils to the sounds of prescriptive spa music designed for deep relaxation. A full body salt and oil scrub cleanses the skin and prepares the body for optimal absorption of the aromatherapy oils clinically blended to enhance sleep. A deeply relaxing full body massage combined with Mexican Obsidian helps sleep come easier and deeper. A local herbal compress placed on tense lower back muscles and a relaxing herbal tea all help induce slumber.

In Room Sleep Retreat (90 minutes) – For those who dream of falling into bed after a blissful massage experience, guest rooms are prepared with One&Only Palmilla Sleep music, the scent of sleep inducing essential oils are diffused into the air and a cup of sleep herbal tea is to be enjoyed while a private butler prepares a bath filled with relaxing oil. The treatment is finished with a deeply relaxing massage that lulls the muscles and mind into a deeper level of relaxation.

August 2010
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