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Diving & Snorkeling

Just offshore, opportunities abound for diving and snorkelling‚ with Los Cabos' natural reef rated among the finest in the world offering underwater visibility of up to 120 feet. A rich variety of marine flora and fauna thrive at the tip of the Baja Peninsula. Dives here are truly unique experiences, where encounters with manta rays, hammerheads, sea turtles and sea lions are common.

Scuba diving expeditions are easily arranged by the resort’s Concierge.

A 5-day PADI-certification course is offered, and a complete line of equipment is available including tanks, VCD, weights, wet suites, masks, fins, booties, vests, etc.

The Baja coastline is renowned for its diving adventure. Our most popular dives include:

North Wall
A great dive for beginners, this dive starts at approximately 10 feet. Follow the wall and see beautiful rock formations filled with puffer fish, angelfish and more. Depth: 10-60 feet.

Pelican Rock
The most popular local dive site. Swim with schools of goatfish, grouper, snappers and jacks. Follows the sandy ledge to the wall that drops down to over 1,000 feet into the submarine canyon. Beautiful sea fans, angelfish, Moorish idols and an occasional sea turtle or manta ray can be seen here. A great experience for beginners and experts alike. Depth: 20-130 feet.

Jacques Cousteau discovered this world-famous dive site. Large amounts of sand build up at shallow depths and spill down the valley toward the sand falls. At 90 feet, the sand meets the wall and drops straight down for hundreds of feet resembling a waterfall. Because of the depth, this dive is not recommended for beginners.
Depth: 90 feet.
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